How to install Bobo balloon

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Bobo Balloon is a transparent balloon with a small light strip wrapped around it. There is a switch at the end of the light strip to control the light strip. The small colored light bulb illuminates the transparent balloon very beautifully. It is a popular Internet celebrity balloon .

Installation method

1. First use an inflator or an air tank to fill the Bobo balloon with gas to make it bulge, and judge whether it is full according to the smoothness. When inflating, hold the position of the inflation port tightly with your hands to prevent it from running out of air.

2. After inflating, tie a dead knot at the tail. This knot must be tied tightly. The balloon itself cannot last for too long. If it is tied too loosely, it is easier to run out of air.

3. Put the LED light on the transparent rod of the balloon. The iron wire should be straightened during the process of wearing it, and it should not be piled up in the transparent rod.

4. Wrap the rest of the LED light strings on the filled Bobo balloon, and wrap it in an "X" cross from the top of the ball to the tail.

5. Install the battery, use the switch to turn on the light string, if the light is on, then the Bobo balloon is ready, if it is not on, it may be a problem with the light bulb or the battery, just replace it.

2. Precautions for using Bobo Balloon

1. This kind of balloon is filled with helium, and it will not explode under normal circumstances, but this product still has the danger of chemical, injury and suffocation.

2. Parents must pay special attention when children use this kind of balloons, stay away from smoking crowd, and don't let children eat LED light strings and batteries by mistake.

3. Some hawker balloons are filled with more dangerous hydrogen gas, which will explode when exposed to open flames, so you must pay attention to safety when purchasing and using them.

Although balloons are beautiful, everyone should focus on safety. Balloons made by ourselves are relatively safe.

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