How to tie a outdoor hammock

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There are many details that need to be paid attention to when installing a hammock. Try to tie it as firmly as possible to avoid falling when it is used later, which will affect the normal use later. So what is the method of how to tie and knot the hammock?

1. How to tie and knot the hammock

1. If you want to tie the hammock to the tree outdoors, first put the rope on the middle of the hammock and tie a knot. Then thread the rope through the other tree, thread the rope through the loop at the other end, and tie a dead knot.

2. You can also do the same on the other side. Wrap the rope around the tree a few times, it will be stronger and there will be no looseness. Finally, we attach the iron hook to the end of the rope and secure the hammock.

2. What problems should be paid attention to when knotting a hammock

1. If you want to hit a hammock on a tree, in order not to damage the tree, you need to use a more accurate method. For example, a tree belt can be wrapped around the trunk, and the distance between the belt and the belt is larger, which can effectively distribute the weight. It can also be adjusted according to needs, and the hook can be hung on a suitable buckle, which can be very stable and will not hurt the tree.

2. The choice of belt is also very important. We can choose a flat strap design. This kind of sling can be wrapped around the tree many times, which can effectively share the weight of the human body at the root of the tree.

3. How to choose an outdoor hammock

1. First, we need to see what material it is made of. Some are canvas and some are nylon mesh. Relatively speaking, the load-bearing capacity of the tarpaulin is slightly better, and it is more comfortable for people to lie on it. But pay attention to the problem of ventilation. Generally speaking, nylon mesh material is more breathable, but the comfort is lower. We have to choose according to our own needs.

2. When choosing a hammock, it depends on its structure. Some have poles, and some do not. If it were wired, the case would be flatter and allow for more freedom of movement, but it would be less comfortable to wear. Without crutches, while comfortable to carry, it can be uncomfortable.

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