Matters needing attention when using hair clippers

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1. First check whether the electric clippers and the power cord are faulty. If it is normal, turn on the power and press the switch, and listen to whether the sound of the electric clipper is normal. If the noise is loud, it means that the blade vibrates violently, and the ingot screw and blade pressing screw on the side of the electric clipper should be properly adjusted.

2. If the hair is long, you can roughly cut it short with manual clippers, and then trim it with electric clippers.

3. When using electric clippers, if there is a phenomenon of missed cutting, it means that the amplitude of the blade is too small. You can properly adjust the ingot screw on the side of the electric clipper (tighten it a little).

4. When disassembling and installing by yourself, disconnect the power supply and pay attention to dripping lubricating oil between the upper and lower blades.

5. After each use, the power should be cut off and cleaned with a brush to prevent hair dandruff from being mixed and accumulated between the cutting edges and in the gaps, hindering the movement and affecting the use.

6. Do not use it in bathrooms and wet places, and do not plug or unplug the power plug with wet hands to prevent electric shock. Do not clean and wipe with alcohol or other volatile chemical liquids.

7. When using the motor-driven electric clipper, pay attention to the specified steering wiring, and do not make mistakes. Otherwise, if the motor is reversed, the motor or the shaft of the pot rod will bounce and rotate upwards irregularly

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