How to choose a good quality towel rack

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There are various styles of towel racks, and the appearance of hanging towels is also changeable and distinctive. So, how to choose a towel rack that suits your home style is very important. How to choose a towel rack? What is the best material for a towel rack?

1. First look at the quality

Among the towel racks of many materials, generally speaking, the all-copper towel rack is the best, followed by the aluminum alloy towel rack; the third is the stainless steel towel rack, and the last is the zinc alloy towel rack. The specific choice of the quality towel rack can be comprehensively considered according to individual economic conditions and grades.

2. Look at the moisture-proof function

The towel rack has been in a humid environment for a long time, and it is easy to rust. Therefore, a towel rack with moisture-proof function came into being. Therefore, we can choose according to the moisture-proof ability, and fully consider the material of the towel hanging, which determines the moisture-proof performance of the towel rack. Anti-corrosion function, so make a choice.

For example: pure aluminum products of alumina towel rack have poor hardness and will turn black, but the hardness of alumina products after oxidation has been greatly improved, and they will not turn black and have good wear resistance. Will not rust. Another example is that low-grade stainless steel towel racks will not rust. The higher the chromium content of stainless steel, the less likely it is to rust. The chromium content of 304 stainless steel is 16%, which has good stability and strong corrosion resistance. environment will not rust.

3. Look closely at the smoothness of the towel rack

Before installation, you can squeeze one end of the hanging rod where the towel is hung tightly with one hand, and wipe it from one end to the other with the other hand. If the quality is poor, you will feel small burrs or even peeled off paint flakes. These disadvantages are difficult to detect with the naked eye. Also pay attention to the plating and coating quality of each shelf base. The angle of view and the incident light are about 70° relative to each other, so it is easier to detect whether there is a defect.

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