How to use Hair Clipper correctly

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Using a hair clipper correctly involves the following steps:

1. Prepare the Clipper: Ensure that the clipper is clean, well-maintained, and fully charged if it is cordless. If the clipper uses detachable blades, make sure they are securely attached and properly aligned.

2. Prepare the Hair: Before using the clipper, make sure the hair is dry and free from tangles or knots. If the hair is too long, it may be helpful to trim it with scissors first to make the cutting process easier.

3. Select the Cutting Guard: Hair clippers usually come with different cutting guards or attachments that determine the length of the hair to be cut. Choose the appropriate guard based on the desired length. Start with a longer guard and gradually switch to shorter guards if a shorter cut is desired.

4. Start with Clean Sections: Divide the hair into manageable sections using hair clips or bands. This makes it easier to work through the hair systematically and ensures even cutting.

5. Begin Cutting: Hold the clipper firmly but gently against the scalp, with the blades facing the direction of hair growth. Start from the base of the neck or sideburns and move the clipper upward or sideways, following the natural direction of the hair growth. Use smooth and even strokes for consistent results.

6. Take Your Time: Avoid rushing through the cutting process. Take your time to ensure even cutting and go over each section of hair multiple times if necessary. Check the mirror frequently to monitor progress and make any adjustments as needed.

7. Clean the Blades: Regularly clean the clipper blades during the cutting process to remove hair clippings and prevent clogging. You can use a small brush or blade cleaning tool provided with the clipper. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper blade cleaning and maintenance.

8. Trim Sideburns and Edges: Use the clipper without a guard or switch to a shorter guard to trim sideburns, edges, and the back of the neck for a clean and polished look. Pay attention to detail and make small, precise movements.

9. Gradual Blending (Optional): If you prefer a more blended haircut, you can use different guard sizes or switch to a blending or tapering attachment to gradually transition between different lengths. This creates a more seamless and natural look.

10. Final Touches: Once you have completed the desired haircut, carefully check for any uneven areas or missed spots. Make any necessary touch-ups using scissors or the clipper itself.

11. Clean and Store the Clipper: After use, clean the clipper blades thoroughly, remove any hair clippings, and oil the blades if required. Store the clipper in a safe and dry place to protect it from damage.

Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions specific to your hair clipper model for proper usage, maintenance, and safety precautions. It's also advisable to consult a professional barber or hairstylist if you are unsure about using the clipper or if you desire a more complex haircut style.

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