The selection and use of camping tents

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Camping Tents are important equipment for camping, but they are not the only equipment. Its role in camping is limited. Generally speaking, tents do not promise to keep warm. Camping keeps warm is the task of sleeping bags. The main functions of tents are windproof, rainproof, dustproof, dewproof, and moisture-proof. Comfortable environment for rest. According to the above objectives, the selection of tents should focus on the following factors:

1. Choose a tent with a high waterproof degree. You can blow the fabric with your mouth to test its air permeability. Generally speaking, if the air permeability is poor, the waterproof degree will be good.

2. Choose the inner tent and strive for good air permeability.

3. The choice of struts requires high strength and good resilience.

4. Pay attention to water resistance and wear resistance when choosing the bottom material.

5. It is best to choose a double-layer structure for camping tents.

6. It is best to choose the size with a door shed, or consider a slightly larger size.

7. Choosing a tent with front and rear double doors is more conducive to ventilation.

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